Diaper need is not having enough diapers to keep your baby clean, dry and healthy. In this country, one in three families struggle with diaper need, and things are even worse here in Cleveland, where half of children live in poverty. It’s no wonder families are struggling to afford diapers when the cost of diapering one child can cost about $1,000 per year. This need is compounded by the fact that no government subsidies currently cover or assist with the cost of diapers. This makes diapering difficult for any Cleveland parent on a tight budget.

Why do diapers matter?

Physical health: Inability to adequately diaper a child can cause diaper rash and infections.

Child abuse and neglect: A child wearing soiled diapers or clothes, or suffering from severe diaper rash or infections cries more. Babies who cry excessively are the most likely to be victims of shaken baby syndrome, child abuse or neglect.

Mental health: Mothers who are not able to adequately diaper their children are more prone to depression and feelings of guilt and anxiety.

Economic well-being: Without diapers, babies and toddlers are excluded from early childhood education programs. Without child care, parents cannot go to work or further their education. Many daycare programs and preschools do not allow affordable cloth diapers, leaving parents to buy costly disposables instead.